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The Hale's (part 1)

I recently had some clients approached me wanting to add a couple of unique structures to their West Maui property. They live on a cottage lot with a 1 bedroom house and often find it difficult to entertain guest due to a general lack of extra space. Their idea was to build 2 "gazebo" type structures, one as a day bed near the pool and a second that could be used to sleep guests or used as a makeshift office/studio.

After a discussion about functionality, placement, and design I drew up a few sketches and we settled on a post and beam structure with a small deck. The style of these little "hale's," as I've come to call them, is kind of a mixed-plate of Japanese, Balinese, and Colonial architectural elements. The "raised eve" and spire design of the roof is very common in Japanese and other asian architecture. The bamboo paneling definitely has a very Japanese "soji screen" feel to it while the bamboo brings in the Balinese beach hut or losmen feel. The shutter windows and arched french doors help to tie in the rustic colonial elements.

ALL the exposed beams and framing members were to be treated in a style similar to that of the Japanese "san sugi ban" . This is the process of charring/torching the exterior surface which actually creates a protective barrier against insects, fire, and the elements. In this case however the charred material was brushed with a wire wheel, then stained and sealed to give a weathered look... needless to say... VERY time consuming!

The ceiling is done in 2x6 tongue and groove with a butternut stain, and the roofing material is a cedar shingle with copper flashing.

The French doors are my favorite design element and were also the most enjoyable challenge for me. I have always enjoyed building doors. I believe they can truly define a space and create a tone when entering a room or building. We decided on arched french doors with a shop-made, fir plywood relief panel with a laser cut floral design, paired with some rustic hand-forged hardware. Aside from the hardware the doors were built from 100% recycled or repurposed material. The styles and frames were cut from old recycled 6x12 fir beams, the jamb and inset materials were made from recycled cedar and fir flooring.

The decking, stair treads, and railing caps are all solid Ipe finished with a rosewood oil sealant.

Thanks for checking it out! Stay tuned for Part 2, we are currently finishing up the second hale in which we have integrated a jacuzzi!

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